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Tassimo Vivy Coffee Maker – Black

The space saving Tassimo Vivy packs in plenty of features despite its small size! Thanks to Intellibrew™ technology, this clever Tassimo Vivy machine can automatically prepare your favourite hot drinks at the touch of a button. All the machine needs to do is scan the T Disc barcode to prepare a perfect cup every time. Equipped with an automatic cleaning and descaling...View more

Tassimo Vivy 2 Coffee Maker – Cream

The Tassimo Vivy 2 Coffee Maker offers something to suit every taste. In addition to the great taste, you’ll also be impressed by the new monochrome design of Vivy 2 – it’s sure to make a stylish addition to your kitchen worktop. Choose from over 40 specialties of espresso, coffee crema, filter coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, hot chocolate...View more

Tassimo Tas3203Gb Suny Coffee Maker – Red

The stylish Bosch Tassimo TAS3203GB Suny Coffee Maker makes a perfect addition to your kitchen. Enjoy delicious hot drinks in an instant – just pop in a T DISC, press with your cup against the Smart Start button, then watch the Tassimo Suny create coffees, teas, chocolates and more in minutes. With its sleek design...View more

Tassimo Tas3202Gb Suny Coffee Machine – Black

Enjoy top-quality hot drinks at the push of a button with the Bosch TAS3202GB Tassismo Suny Coffee Machine. Patented bar code technology identifies the drink selected and adjusts the amount of water, brewing time and the temperature to make the perfect cup every time. Compatible with Tassimo T-Disc capsules, you can enjoy a large variety...View more

Tassimo My Way Coffee Machine – White

Do you like to have your morning Americana a little bigger? Your after-dinner espresso a little stronger? Or your hot chocolate less hot? With Tassimo My Way, you can personalise your drink according to temperature, volume and intensity. It’s our first brewer that truly caters to everyone’s preferred tastes (including your own!). That’s why we...View more

Tassimo My Way Coffee Machine – Black

Personalise your favourite hot drinks with the Tassimo My Way Coffee Machine. Whether you prefer a bigger morning Americano or a stronger after-dinner espresso, Tassimo My Way can make it happen! It’s now possible to personalise your drink according to your preferred temperature, volume and intensity. Designed to cater to everyone, this innovative machine can make over...View more

TASSIMO My Way Coffee Machine by Bosch

The TASSIMO Multi Beverage Machine brews perfect drinks using Intellibrew barcode technology, with fully automatic one-touch operation and personalisation features. Personalise settings Set intensity, temperature and length of drink and save your personalised setting with up to 4 profile memory spaces. Brita filtration technology boosts the flavour of your drink by reducing limescale and taste-impairing...View more