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Miele CVA6405 Built In Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Miele’s CVA6405 built-in coffee machine is a heavenly investment for any coffee lover looking to redesign their kitchen. It not only has a bean-to-cup system for rich, aromatic results, but also a OneTouch function to quickly dispense one coffee or two for you and your partner. Easy access Although its integrated design means it’s neatly...View more

Miele CVA 6401 Built-in Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Clean Steel

Please note: This product is not available in our shops for viewing. The Miele CVA 6401 utilises a grinder system and OneTouch for Two to give you the perfect cup of coffee. It features a 500g capacity removable coffee bean container so you can load the machine with whatever beans are taking your fancy at...View more

Miele CM7300 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Black

Make authentic coffee from the comfort of your home with this stylish machine. The Miele CM7300 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine produces excellent coffee simultaneously for two different coffee specialties, saving you precious time without compromising on taste. You can now enjoy luxuriously velvety cappuccinos and the smoothest espressos, for two, at the touch of a button....View more

Miele CM6150 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Not only does Miele’s CM6150 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine let you create a variety of speciality coffees, its compact footprint and sleek design is sure to make a stylish statement on any kitchen counter. OneTouch for Two This smart feature lets you make two delicious coffees at the same time, by simply touching a button. The...View more

Miele CM5300 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Black

Boasting advanced technology as well as Miele’s distinctive design, the CM5300 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine brings a barista-quality experience into your home, so you can enjoy your own blend of delicious coffee, day after day. OneTouch for Two This smart feature lets you make two coffees at the same time, by simply touching a button. The...View more

Miele CVA6431 PureLine Built In Nespresso Coffee Machine, Clean Steel

This advanced Miele coffee machine uses the popular Nespresso capsule system to produce your perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. With 16 delicious types of coffee to choose from, this sophisticated and easy-to-use appliance will deliver it for you, hassle-free, whenever you desire, whether you prefer regular coffee, cappuccino or espresso....View more

Miele CVA6431CLST

CVA6431CLST 60cm Built-in Coffee Machine with 1.5L Capacity in SteelView more

Miele CVA6405CLST

CVA6405 Built-in Coffee Machine with Bean to Cup System in Stainless SteelView more