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Magimix 17651 Smoothie Mix Kit for 3200, 3200XL

Magimix 17651 Juice attachment and smoothie maker for 3150, 3160, 3200, 3200xl is ideal for most hard and soft fruits and vegetables, take out the internal paddle and this can be used for normal juices like apple juice or carrot juice also the mesh basket is great for sieving soups, simply put your cooked vegetables into feed tube and the attachment sieves the...View more

Magimix 17501 Spiral Expert For 4200XL, 5200XL & 5200XL Premium

Spiral Expert For 4200XL, 5200XL & 5200XL Premium   The Magimix Spiral Expert works with the 4200XL, 5200XL and the 5200XL Premium Food Processors for preparing beautifully fresh spiralized vegetable for healthy homemade meals. The three spiralizing cones can make thin spaghetti, tagliatelle style ribbons or fusilli style vegetable strips as an alternative to pasta....View more

Magimix 17243 Clear Blender Cups, Pack of 2

Clear Blender Cups, Pack of 2 Simply fill either the 400ml or 700ml container with your ingredients and attach your blender blade and grey cap to the cup before blending. You can then easily replace the blade attachment with the drinking lid provided, and enjoy a range of different recipes on the go. Compatible with...View more

Magimix 17040 Mash and Puree Kit for XL Food Processors

Moulis, Masher, Food Mill, XL Food Processors    Magimix 17040 mash attachment, it works like a moulis, A mouli is great to have around the kitchen whether you have a baby in the house or not. It not only purees food but removes seeds and takes off husks of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. So your infant...View more

Magimix 17015 Dough Bowl 5200/5200xl – Metal

Magimix 17015 dough bowl is for the Magimix 5200, 5150 and 5200xl models  metal bowl with handle ideal for making home bread, Sandwich loaves, Gingerbread, Brioche and pound cakes. Easy to use Magimix dough bowl Knead dough, let it rise, and bake it — all in one convenient, stainless-steel bowl. Designed to fit directly into the main...View more

Magimix 11680 GELATO Expert Ice Cream Maker in Satin

GELATO Expert Ice Cream Maker in Satin With the Gelato Expert 11680 ice cream maker from Magimix you create at home your own ice creams, sorbets or granites. With this model of the French brand, you get a complete appliance that offers 3 automatic programs to make Italian ice cream, ice cream or granites and an...View more

Magimix 11651 T190 Electronic Slicer

  Magimix T190 Electric Bread Slicer Meat Slicer 11651 For any family who loves nothing better than to setting off exploring with a picnic, busy cooks who are always wondering why they don’t have more time (or help) with prepping for dinner, or parents who prefer to make healthy, bespoke sandwiches for their kids, the...View more

Magimix 11390 Nespresso Vertuo Coffee machine in Black

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee machine in Black   * Perfect results every time : freshly brewed , full-bodied coffee with a generous crema even in a large cup * Simple one-touch operation prepares 4 cup sizes. * Innovative Centrifusion and barcode technology adjusts the brewing parameters to each coffee blend and capsule size ( 3 capsule...View more

Magimix 11388 Nespresso Vertuo Plus with Milk Bundle in Silver

****** VERTUO PLUS ****** Nespresso introduces Vertuo offering freshly brewed coffee with a rich crema. Allows you to make various cup sizes: Alto 414ml, Mug 230ml, Gran Lungo 150ml, Double Espresso 80ml & Espresso 40ml. Choose from a range of 23 blends with different levels of intensities and aromas including decaffeinated and flavoured options. The...View more